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Aone Punjabi Tv | food found in Chinese school kitchen

Mouldy bread, rotting meat and seafood were discovered at the Chengdu No 7 Experimental High School.

One parent told the Aone punjabi Tv of his horror and disgust, saying the food was “stinky and disgusting” and compared it to pig slop.http://aonepunjabitv.com/

The school has now apologised, saying it is deeply “embarrassed”.

Food safety scandals are not uncommon in China and they often leave authorities scrambling to defuse public outrage.

How did they discover the food?

The scandal first emerged when a small group of parents were on Monday invited to attend a tree planting event at the private high school in Chengdu, the capital city of China’s Sichuan province.

While at the school, a group of parents discovered mouldy bread, rotting meat and seafood items in the canteen kitchen canteen.

Rotten food flesh on table
flesh found in chinese scholl on table

Image copyrightSUPPLIEDImage captionWhat looks like seafood and meat were seen in cardboard boxes

It is not clear why exactly they chose to stop by the kitchen, but one parent that the Aone Punjabi Tv Lulu Luo spoke to referenced an incident earlier last November where numerous school children came down with stomach-aches, constipation and various other ailments.https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-47565092

According to the father, the private school costs 39,000 yuan (£4,380; $5,800) a year – about 20 times the amount a public school would cost.

“We don’t even let kids have leftover food at home… I spent tens of thousands of dollars and my kids are having pigwash there,” he said.

“I dare not tell my younger son… I’m worried he might not dare to eat canteen food after that. My daughter has been telling me she has a stomach-ache. I [told] her she might have just over exercised.

How did parents react?

Horrified, the group of parents shared the pictures on social media, which were soon discovered by other parents.

According to the same parent, the school immediately transported the mouldy food away in two trucks.

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